SOS Slow Cooker

Yay !!! I have officially joined the Crockpot league .....now what ??? This is exactly where I am right now :) I have my Slow cooker sitting on the counter top for quiet some time now, and as any novice would be I am clueless. Of course I turned to the most efficient and reliable source I know , my fellow bloggers and found some interesting recipes at Jeenas, Pravs and Manishas. But my concern is the dos and donts .......So , is there something you can share? your experiences , tips and tricks, biggest no nos :) best crockpot recipe? party recipes ? etc ...etc ...

Announcing the first ever event to be hosted by Lazzat... "SOS Slow Cooker" . This is how it works ...

Share your experiences , tips and tricks, biggest no nos :) best crock pot recipe, party recipes, etc ...etc ... nothing is trivial....anything related to the crock pot/slow cooker .

Archived/Old posts are welcome too, as long as they are reprinted using the logo .

You can email me at bloglazzat@gmail.com on or before June 30th with subject line SOS Slow Cooker with the following details: Your name, Name of your blog, Name of your dish, Url, Picture (Optional)

The round up will hopefully be posted by July 4th.

Non-bloggers may send in their entries with or without a picture to the above email id and I will include it in the roundup.

Please don't forget to link back to this post announcing the event.

Feel free to use the logo.

Looking forward to your contributions. Have a great weekend y'all.


Greek (Yogurt) Goodness

Few days back, Kristina from The Stonyfield farm emailed me asking if I would like to try their Greek yogurt. And since I have been using and loving their products for quiet some time now I was only happy to oblige. So they sent me this wonderful package full of coupons, info and a cute little hand bag.

Oikos Organic Greek yogurt can be used in a variety of ways while cooking – in baking, as a substitute for sour cream, and mayonnaise, to create tasty low-fat dishes. Greek yogurt is strained, making it thicker and more versatile in recipes than regular yogurt. Oikos is organic, which means it's made without artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, and it's made from organic milk produced without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, or artificial growth hormones (rBST).

I could not wait to try it. The yogurt comes in different flavors like vanilla, blueberry and honey . The honey yogurt has a beautiful n delicate golden layer of honey at the bottom n the blueberry flavoured yogurt has kinda like a blueberry jam... so try emptying these containers upside down on a platter for a lovely presentation. I blended the vanilla with some rose syrup and sugar to make rose lassi served with some grated nutmeg, just whipped the honey yogurt and tossed in some toasted walnuts to spread on the breakfast toast , blueberry smoothie was the quickest and refreshing with a hint of mint. I also enjoyed the eating spoonfuls of the plain Greek yogurt, and used the rest to marinate chicken kebabs, the recipe I intend to post soon.

Thank You Kristina for introducing me to these delicious treats ,these will be a staple in my kitchen from now on. Meanwhile for more recipe inspirations using Greek yogurt you can check this out.