Vegetable Qorma

This is another semi home made recipe for a quick qorma. I mean seriously, all I did was saute some chopped veggies till they cook slightly and then open up a jar of pre made qorma sauce . I used potatoes, carrots, peas and beans but you could use any of your favourite veggies. Just before taking the qorma off the heat I topped it with lots of fresh coriander leaves n closed the lid.

Seeds of Change has a variety of organic Indian sauces, but so far I like the Korma sauce the best. Apart from vegetables it also goes well with chicken, pan fried paneer and boiled eggs. Visit their website for coupons and more recipe inspirations.

This is my entry for the Semi Homemade event hosted here at Lazzat.



Just whip 1 Cup of Yogurt (I used Oikos Greek Yogurt) with 1 tbsp of store bought mint chutney or sandwich chutney, add some sliced red onion, few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice and season it with salt for a refreshing raita.

To this you can add grated cucumbers, cilantro, mint, green chillies , etc etc...you could also season it with chaat masala, its very twekable :) Using a store bought / pre-made chutney saves you a lot of time and effort, and the lemon juice just freshens up everything.

Raitas are usually served alongside biryanis, kababs or parathas, but you cud also use it as a dip for your nachos or chips or even papad.

This quick fix is my entry to the Semi Home Made Indian Recipes event hosted by myself.


Grilled Indian Pizza

Come Thanksgiving and you see a lot of material on what to do with the Leftover turkey. Whether we cook one or not everyone has some or the other leftover after a party night or even after a night out in the restaurant when you think you could eat everything you ordered but it finally ends up in a box instead.

So what do you do with leftovers ? I simply make a pizza ... its the semi home made way !

I "heart" Pizza and I think you can showcase your creativity and come up with tons of different flavors and toppings. Like this one, I had some reshmi kababs, so decided to make an Indian Pizza.

Sure the home made pizza dough tastes much better and healthier, but having a packet of frozen dough really helps you fix a quick meal. To make it even quicker I use the store bought pita bread or roghini naan as my base and cook it on the griddle, yes this is a tawa top pizza :)

Though everything is store bought, I am splitting the list of ingredients to show how I made it the Semi Home Made way , as this is my first post for the ongoing event.


Store bought / ready to use:

Whole wheat pita bread / Roghani naan,
Plain or flavored hummus,
Reshmi kabab / any kabab/ rotisserie chicken, chopped or shredded,
Bombay Sandwich spread (I used Swad brand, any chutney is fine)

chili powder,
pudina / mint leaves,
Colby cheese (use any cheeses you have handy),
cheddar cheese,
chaat masala.
Ghee. (optional)

Spread some hummus on the pita bread, then some ketchup, sprinkle the chicken , chili powder, cheeses, top with some sandwich chutney and fresh mint leaves. Heat a pan/ griddle/grill , put a little bit of ghee/ butter and put the pita bread with all layers , let it cook covered on low just until the cheese melts, sprinkle with chaat masala. Serve with chips and fruit juice.

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