Of Alexia, flowers and a small Giveaway!

Weeks ago, as part of the Foodbuzz tastemaker program, I opted in to try out products from Alexia Foods. Very soon I received a beautiful package with a chic apron and a coupon to try any one product from their  variety of all-natural appetizers or side dishes. Unfortunately for me, it was not as easy to find the product I liked, so finally I bought what I could the Alexia brand Classic french rolls. The first thing that came to my mind was a very yummy tomato basil soup to go with the rolls, but what I am posting here is a very traditional n super hit combination of bread with akhni.

Akhni -- a preparation of meat on which the rice is layered in dum biryani, or you could just say its the base of any biryani dish, is fondly eaten with bread in many Muslim households in India. So when I was making biryani one Friday I thought , freshly baked, warm n crusty bread would be just the perfect thing to have with akhni. So in came the Alexia French Rolls, from the packet to a baking tray into the oven and out came nice n brown n warm rolls which we could not wait to dig into. The rolls were crusty on outside n very light and airy on the inside. 8 of them, I mean the rolls, just vanished within seconds between the two of us (me and my husband)

So its official, I "heart" Alexia, would recommend it to anybody n have my eyes on their new , soon to be in market, Parmesan Lemon Russet Potato Fries... sounds yummy... to you too?

Last weekend was a very pretty one here in Boston, decent weather and a flower show at the Seaport World Trade Center. The flower show was going on for the whole last week but we went there on Saturday with one of our friends, who is a regular visitor there. It was a very fun, learning and beautiful experience and we look forward to going to the next show and the next and the next...

Here are just a few glimpses of the exhibits and flower arrangements

Coming to the giveaway...this is a very first giveaway to my dear readers, thanks to CSN who is willing to give a $40 gift card to any one reader of Lazzat (from USA and Canada only) CSN is an online superstore boasting over 2 million products, from adjustable bar stools to luggage and bedding ....they have it all.All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and consider yourself enrolled. I would love to know if you have tried your luck or won on other sites for the same. What can $40 get you at CSN ? ...chk this out ... or this ...n this n this n....well, there is a lot ! So hope for the best and good luck

The winner will be announced on weekend of April 9th.