Hi ! I am Rahin (as in raa-heen).

Like many of my blogger buddies, I started to cook only after I got married. All I knew before that was how to make one cup of Chai :)

Once I had my own kitchen to run, only then I actually started knowing different ingredients and how to use them. My husband would never complain, and relish everything I cooked , which encouraged me to cook even more and try new stuff. Cooking soon became my hobby and it still is.

Recipes featured on this blog are from lots of different sources like books, magazines, TV shows, websites, etc. However, recipes under the tab "Original Recipes" are my family recipes.

Lazzat... is my way of sharing my kitchen  adventures with my family and friends ... miles away...

It started with friends insisting me to create a blog, so I could share my recipes with them. Today it has given me many friends, whom I look up to for inspiration and support.

"Lazzat " is from Urdu , a language often spoken by majority of Muslims in India and Pakistan.

It means taste or flavor.

I hope you enjoy reading it. I welcome your feedback. 

Thanks for dropping by !