Back to blogging

B2B ! Yep ....back to Boston and to blogging. Its been almost fifteen days now , since i came back from India and am now finally getting back to routine. Meanwhile, I guess I missed a lot of action, and no, that's not my house in India :)).

Amidst of all the crazy running around, shopping, eating, meeting, greeting ....etc...I am so glad to have found these two books and cant wait to try n share the recipes.

"Nuskha -e - Shahjahani" by Salma Hussain are the actual pulao recipes from the royal kitchen of Shah Jahan and "The Book of Indian Sweets" by Satarupa Banerjee is a collection of dessert recipes from all over India. Both books, I must say, are very informative. So hope to share some new and wonderful recipes with you all soon ! and Thank You for dropping by even when I was away.