Magnum Ice Cream

Image Source- Magnum Website

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program, this time, I got to try out Magnum Ice Cream. I liked it sooo much that I actually want to thank Foodbuzz for introducing me to Magnum. I get a box of these everytime I do the groceries and it does not take us long to empty it (hopefully tht explains why I did not post my own pic of the icecream bar :) n had to turn to their website). The quality of chocolate used and the ice cream itself is outstanding, way too good for a supermarket find. 

If you like your ice cream on a stick, this is made Just For You !

I personally like the Magnum Almond, I like my chocolate with nuts, but I am on the lookout for the Magnum White, which by the way looks pretty good.

Since I tried Magnum, I have turned my back to what used to top my list for store bought ice creams, n if you have not tried Magnum yet, you should !!! 

Have a  happy weekend !

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Sana F said...

yummy !!! i need a bite of it like right now ! mouth watering !
oh and great job with ur blog ! great work !
do check out my blog too ! i am a newbie ! well kind of.. !