How To Delete Your Google Browsing History / Web History

Today morning while going through my Facebook I came across this link on how to delete the web history, Read this article about it .

I changed my settings today, so I guess its still not too late :) But you dont have much time  ...
Just a reminder :)

To summarise , this is how you do it :
  1. Sign in to your google account
  2. Click on the small arrow next to your id (the one you use to log out)
  3. Click on Account Settings
  4. Scroll down to go to Services
  5. Click on Go to Web History
  6. Click on Remove All Web History or
  7. Click on Turn Web History On and then click on Remove all Web History


Hamaree Rasoi said...

Thanks a lot for this informative post. Found it to be very useful.

Hamaree Rasoi

Cham said...

I found this one cool simple way too. Just login and go https://www.google.com/history/ - u can even pause the web history or resume....

Amina Khaleel said...

informative post... very useful..

Rachana said...

This is a very helpful post. Thanks for sharing.


Should be useful to many!