Dill Chicken Do Pyaza :)

"Necessity is the mother of invention" they say......that's exactly how I came up with this recipe, and yum... was it delicious!

I am travelling to India on Saturday and perhaps this is my last post for the month, but that's a different story. The point is since I am travelling I "have to" use up all the veggies and poultry etc stocked in the fridge .

So, Dill chicken do pyaza - never heard of this recipe ? :) of course you never heard that , its named so because I added dill to the chicken curry and do pyaza because , I added the onions (pyaz) twice :)) .... there you go !


1 chicken breast, washed and cut into cubes,
1 large onion , thinly sliced
1 small tomato, finely chopped
1 small (or half of large) bunch of dill ,
3 tbsp. mint , chopped,
3 tbsp. coriander leaves, chopped
1 tbsp. ginger- garlic paste,
1/2" cinnamon stick,
1/4 cup coconut milk (or paste)
1/2 tbsp. red chili powder, or to taste ,
salt to taste,
1/4 tsp. turmeric pdr,
1/2 tsp. cumin pdr,
2 tbsp. olive oil (or any cooking oil)
1 green chili, cut in halves , lengthwise


Fry half of the sliced onions till golden brown on mediun heat and drain it on a paper towel. Keep aside.

Heat oil , add remaining onions and fry them till they lightly brown. Add chicken, ginger-garlic paste , salt , red chili pdr, cumin pdr, turmeric and cook till the raw smell of the spices is gone . Add the coconut milk, stir everything to mix well. Now add the cinnamon stick . Cover and cook for few mins. , just till the coconut milk starts to boil (you can also add water if you want more gravy). Add tomatoes let them cook then add dill, mint leaves, coriander leaves and cover the dish again. Cook for few more mins. Now crush the fried onions using rolling pin to a fine powder and add to the chicken curry. Finally add the green chilly and cover the dish , cook for few mins . and turn off the heat. Do not remove the lid immediately . Serve with rotis or rice.


Asha said...

I caught in the end before you leave to India!!:D

Well..enjoy the trip.Chicken looks delicious.

Sushma said...

enjoy your trip to India..it seems these days Dill is in taste on food blogosphere...nice looking chicken recipe

rahin said...

Hi Asha , Sushma , Thank you gals for ur wishes :)

Vani said...

First time here. Nice recipes! I love the taste of dill. This curry must taste yum! :)

rahin said...

hey vani , thanx for stopping by

Jeena said...

Rahin I love chicken curry recipes! This one looks soooo very delicious! I may give this a try sometime for my hubby. Great photos I could just dip a spoon right into them :)

rahin said...

hey Jeena thanks, I hope u n ur hubby enjoy it

Sami said...

Hey this is jus amazin....never thought cookin wld be so easy...thanks for ur quick, simple and delicious recep...

Rahin said...

you r welcome sami , thanks for your feedback

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Great recipe! Thanks for sharing!

Do you know what dill's called in Urdu/ Hindi?

plasterer bristol said...

Mouthwatering recipe. Thanks for sharing this.