SOS and AFAM - Watermelon

SOS - Share Our Strength, invites us all to join them in their effort to end Childhood hunger ....all you have to do is organise a bake sale anytime till 31st of August 2007 and donate the proceeds to the organisation.

I thought of posting about this event because there are so many people who cook , bake and blog everyday . I may not know a lot of them as i have just joined the blogging world but if "you" know, you could spread the word, for details please click here.

Now for the AFAM- Watermelon event hosted by Bee and Jai from Jugalbandi (got to know about the event through Asha's blog Aroma).

Watermelon is one of my favourite fruits. Nothing compares to taking a big bite of a fresh, juicy sweet watermelon on a hot sunny day. Take it with a pinch of salt (or black salt), pepper or squeeze some lemon on it ...

I thought of many options for this event , milkshake, sorbet and many recipes on the net etc... finally this is what i came up with .....just plain watermelon juice blended with some salt n sugar .....A well chilled glass of this is amazingly refreshing. I was so tempted to add lemon or lime juice to it ....but I do not regret not adding it :)

I avoid using ice cubes in fresh fruit juices, instead I prefer to chill it in the refrigerator or keeping the juice in an ice bucket .


2 cups watermelon cubes,
1.5 tbsp. sugar, or to taste,
a big pinch salt.


Dump all the ingredients in the blender and puree them. By pureeing, and not 'blending' you get a thick and frothy juice. I didn't strain it because I like the texture, but you can. Serve chilled.


Asha said...

A great cause to contribute!
How beautiful!! Watermelons are the best fruit of Summer.Great color and a great recipe.Thanks Rahin:))

bee said...

thanks for your beatutiful entry, rahin. it's great to discover your blog. will add you to the blogroll.

rahin said...

hey Asha, thanks to u pal :)

hi bee, u wud be the first to add me to ur blogroll :)....thank u....I have also added u .

Jyothsna said...

Refreshing isn't it? I've blogrolled you :)

rahin said...

hey jyothsna , thanks.