Its ME time :)

Before the labor day weekend Zlamushka tagged me for a MeMe. What happened then was, I went to Bar Harbor and then took a blogging break for Ramadan and since the time i started blogging again, this ones been a work in progress...... until Jeena tagged me :) I thought its high time i complete both the Memes.

SO first up, Zlamushka asked me to write about me / my qualities beginning with each letter corresponding to my middle name. I saw many of the fellow bloggers, due to certain reasons of course, took the liberty to use their own name, and I did the same (I hope its ok ....?...)


Absent minded (of course!)


Indian (Hindustani) at heart

Nature lover (plz....who is not ?.... :D)

Since the words are self explanatory and I have few more things to say , I wont elaborate on those.

Next up , Jeena asked me to share random things about me , well the first one in the series would be , I am bad at talking about myself :) , its not that easy for me :D

I have an inclination towards learning languages,

I like to travel, different people, cultures, traditions, cuisines fascinate me,

I like things to be organised, I think it simplifies ones life,

I appreciate 'good' poetry,

I never thought I could cook,

I am not a big movie buff , i do enjoy music occasionally

I believe simplicity is beauty.....simplicity is happiness

Finally,Thanks to Zlamushka and Jeena for tagging me. Though it was a bit intimidating at first, I really enjoyed participating and had fun writing these memes....


Cynthia said...

I think I chose the perfect time to come visit then :) because it's an MEME and I get to learn somethings about you :)

Thanks very much for visiting my blog and your kind comment. I hope to see you around again.

Oh, I tried to subscribe to your RSS feeds but could not. I think that it perhaps because you have not enabled it. Please let me know as I would like to visit everytime you update.


Jeena said...

Hi Rahin thankyou for this post I smiled reading it and even had a chuckle or two. :) You are right the simple things in life are the most beautiful. I think your a fantastic cook Rahin. Great read thanks again. :)

Happy cook said...

Nice Meme. Got to know ou more from it. Yeah i know it is difficult to write about oneself.

rahin said...

Hi Cynthia, thanks to u too , I do visit your blog quite frequently n thanks for reminding me about my RSS feed stuff, i have fixed it and u can now subscribe

Jeena , you are too kind, i m so glad tht u had gud time rdg abt me

Thank you happy cook

Asha said...
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Asha said...

Rahin, the word touched me most is when you said you are a Hindustani at heart! Many don't say that anymore!
It's always "Indya and Indyan" from the roof top screaming down ALA Sunny Deol, you know what I mean!:D
Good for you Behna, be proud.
Great MeMe to read, it does help to know who Rahin is a little if nothing else!:))

rahin said...

thanks Asha, i was missing your sweet comments , I am glad tht u liked the MeMe

Vani said...

some of the memes are really nice- they let us talk about ourselves that we otherwise would not have! enjoyed reading yours. love the 3-dip platter on your table, btw :)

sagari said...

nice meme

rahin said...

Vani , thank u, the 3 dip platter is also one of my fav. finds :)

thanks Sagari

zlamushka said...

nice MeMe,

you seem to be a real calm and peaceful person. that is always nice to know :-)

rahin said...

Gud to c u Zlamushka, thanks for dropping by :)