My Eid Feast

It seems like yesterday when we welcomed Ramadan.

Now its hard to believe that half of it is almost over, as the days are flying Eid (Eid-ul- Fitr) is coming closer.

Like Islam itself , Eid takes various colors from various cultures and its always interesting to know how people all around the world celeberate it and what their traditions are.

What better way to find out than invite all of you, my blogger friends, to share your celeberation, stories, feasts with me .

Announcing the event "My Eid Feast". This is how it works :

You can post about how you celeberated Eid, what you cooked, how you prepped, what are your eid traditions, etc.

Also you can click your Eid spread and just submit the pic.

So what if you dont celeberate Eid ? may be you went to an eid party or have a friend or neighbour who celeberates it, I would love to hear from you too!

Please link your entries below using the linky tool, I know its too early for this post but I just thought of giving you a heads up .

Use of logo will be highly appreciated , as it helps to spread the word.

So as you get yourself ready for Eid dont forget to keep your cameras handy :)

I look forward to your Eid Feast...:)


leemz said...

Can't wait! :D

Torviewtoronto said...

Happy hosting
Inshallah will try to send

asiyao said...

Nice Event.Just linked my entry.

Rashida shaikh said...

Happy Hosting!
Linked my Eid feast...:)

Rashida shaikh said...

Where is the linky tool?
Your event is continue up to 2sep..right!

Rahin said...

Rashida , plz try sending in ur entry now , guess its working fine