Good thing !

I feel extremely happy to share with you all the award which was passed to me by Pravs of Simply Spicy over the past weekend. Thanks Pravs :)

Though most of my Fellow Bloggers have already received this award earlier...I would like to pass it on to,

Keep Rockin' :)


Asha said...

Enjoy the award dear Rahin!:)

sailaja said...

Congrats, Rahin and thanks so much for thinking of me and passing on the award. Appreciate it.:)

Richa said...


Mansi Desai said...

Congrats Rahin!!! and thanks so much for sharing it with all of us, incluidng me!!!:)

You Rock Girl!!:)

rahin said...

thank you Asha dearest :)

U r very welcome Sailaja n Mansi n thank u for ur wishes.

thank you Richa

Linda said...

Hi Rahin! Congratulations and thanks so much for thinking of me to pass on this lovely award! I thought I sent you a comment on that yummy dal fry too -- I think blogger is eating them before they get posted, but it still looks delicious ;)

zlamushka said...

Hi Rahin, congrats on your award. I have a little thing for you,too :)

Check it out here:

rahin said...
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rahin said...

hi Linda, thank you , I am glad u liked the dal fry :) i guess blogger is doin tht as i cannot see one more comment which i think my sis posted ....any suggestions on how to deal with it ?

Thank You Zlamushka, i am excited abt my first meme :) i enjoyed reading urs :)