Kesari bhaat in five !

This is another quick n easy recipe. It hardly takes five minutes to cook. The secret is.... the pressure cooker. Try this when you have no time for elaborate desserts and want something simple. This is my entry for Shaheen's Express Cooking Event.


1 cup Semolina / sooji / rava,
1 cup Sugar,
1/2 cup ghee,
2 cups water,
cardamom powder,
1/2 tbsp. raisins,
1/2 tbsp.cashews,
1 tsp. chironji / charoli (optional),
Yellow food color.


Heat ghee in pressure cooker, add raisins and nuts, add rava / sooji and stir for 2 mins. Meanwhile bring water to a boil and add yellow food color to it. Now add sugar to the roasted rava. Pour the hot water, close the cooker, put weight and cook for 3-4 mins. Reduce pressure by placing the cooker under running tap water. Open , sprinkle with elaichi pdr and serve warm. Enjoy !


Mallugirl said...

i guess u get the award for the shortest time!!great.

Asha said...

Photo looks great!Love the Kesari Bhaat:))
5 mins!! Tick Tock!!;D

Pravs said...

kesari bhaat looks yummy. Nice pic :D

Rahin said...

Hey Shaheen , Thank u , i like that :)

As always Asha, thank u , u r always very encouraging :)

Pravs ....thank u

TBC said...

Wow! a 5-min dessert!Looks good.

Rahin said...

hey tbc, Thanks :)