Lemon Squash n Pickled Onions !!!

Labor Day weekend is just around the corner and we are planning a road trip... thanks to Anupama's Picnic Food event, I now have so many tasty options to pack for munching n brunching.

One of my favourite things to do before road trips is pickled onions, just because it can be made way ahead of time, its easy to do, is ready in no time , jazzes the taste of any plain old sandwich/ wrap n looks gorgeous hot pink :) .

All you need is :

2 large thinly sliced red onions, i use the food processor,
some boiling hot water,
juice of 1 -2 lime/lemon, preferably lime,
salt , to taste.

Method :

Pour boiling water over the sliced onions n keep aside for few secs. Strain the onions in a colander, remove all the water by tapping the colander and dump the onions in a container, to this add the lemon juice n salt n refrigerate till you use.

You can immediately see the onions start to change their color. These onions go well with tacos too. Though this is the basic recipe for pickled onions, u can add green chillies or sugar or any pickling spice .... try any combination of flavors.

Now time for some home made lemonade. Why not make a lemon squash ? Keep it in your cooler/ icebox n just stir in some water when ever you want to have a cool sip.

I flavored mine with ginger, you can use mint or both ginger n mint ....what ever u like ...

Feel free to add n reduce the quantity of lemons n sugar, depending on how sour the lemons are n how sweet u like your lemonade. The following recipe yields 1ltr. of syrup


2 cups lemon juice,
cups water,
3" ginger root, chopped into thin slices,
2 cups sugar,
1 tbsp white vinegar.


Boil water n sugar in a pan , till the sugar dissolves (at this stage u can add more sugar if you want , but make sure that u boil the syrup after sugar is added) . When all the sugar is dissolved remove it from heat n let cool completely. Then add the lemon juice and vinegar, mix well, throw in the ginger , cover n let it steep for at least 12 hrs , the more you steep the better. Now remove the ginger slices with a spoon, give it a stir n store in a sterilized glass bottle. You can also strain it before transferring into the bottle. Keep refrigerated.

Once the syrup is made , all you have to do is, stir in 1 part of the syrup (or to taste) to 3 parts of water n enjoy.


Jeena said...

Nice recipes they sounds lovely. :)

Susan said...

I love pickled vegetables; how very pretty they are in pink. I'm also intrigued by the use of ginger and vinegar in your lemonade. The flavors make for an invigorating tonic on the hottest days.

rahin said...

Thank you Jeena

Hey Susan, I agree, the combination of ginger with lemons is very refreshing...

Richa said...

hey, hope u had a good long wknd! love those pickled onions, yummy!
nice tips for lemonade as well.
btw ur m/c peda is absolutely gorgeous!

rahin said...

Hey Richa , Thank you , I had a blast over the weekend :)

TBC said...

Pickled onions look very pretty & pink. That lemonade looks good & it's so refreshing on a hot summer day.

rahin said...

Thanks tbc, i know ...a glass of fresh lemonade on a hot summer day...thts cool (literally:)),I miss the "easily available at every street corner " nimbu pani so the squash is my attempt to make it more readily accesible...even on a tiring or a lazy day

Anita Srinivas said...

I prefer not to boil Lemon juice as it's Vit C can get depleted. My receipe is with little difference. You may try this too...

Instead of whole ginger peice. Crush it with water in mixie. Strain it & keep standing for 2 hrs. Keep the 1 cup lemon juice aside. Take top water of ginger. Make it to 1 cup with water. Add 3 cups sugar to it. boil till sugar dissolves. Cool it. Now add strain & add the lemon juice. This stays even at room temp. for 1-2 weeks.

Thanks & regards,

rahin said...

hi anita , thanks for sharing ur tips with me , i am sure crushing the ginger will add much more flavor to it