Walnut Cookies

When I got to know about Anupama's Picnic Food event, the first thought that came to my mind was that it was a brilliant theme , just on time for the labor day weekend !! Good thinking Anupama :)

My idea of ideal picnic food is something which can be made ahead of time (usually), which need not be served warm/hot, does not become soggy, and is easy to serve, eat and clean up.

Stuffed parathas, frankies, spiced rice varieties, sandwiches, one pot meals, soups, savoury rolls, snacks like cakes, cookies, dhokla, sago kichdi, chivda, bhadang , kebabs ,spiced nuts, chips , nachos , fresh fruits n juices etc.... etc.... etc. I was so inspired by the many options one has, that I decided to dedicate a category for picnic foods on my blog :) .....hopefully you will see me sharing some recipes fit for picnics there. For now I am sending this quick and simple Walnut cookie recipe for this event ....Fun in the Sun

If you have never made these cookies , I highly recommend trying out this recipe at least once. The whole process is so simple, and the aroma when these are baked is soooooo good ....you must try it to believe it. So lets get started.


2 cups flour
2 cups ground walnuts,(I used mini chopper to grind )
2 sticks butter, room temperature,
1/3 rd cup sugar,
½ tsp salt,
1.5 tsp vanilla,
powdered sugar.


Mix flour, ground walnuts and salt and whisk them together. Beat butter and sugar for 1.5 minutes scrapping the sides of the vessel. Add vanilla and the flour- walnut mixture. Beat till it just mixes well n comes together. Scoop out cookies using a tbsp. measure just to ensure they are of same size.

Roll in desired shapes.

Align on parchment paper and bake at 325 for 17- 19 mins., turning around half way through once.

Remove and let cool for 1 or 2 mins. (not more) , roll them in pdrd. sugar. This recipe will yield approx. 25- 30 cookies


Anupama said...

Thanks for these yummy cookies Rahin. I am so glad you liked my theme. Sorry I did not leave any comment before. Hoping your got my mailed reply though. Don't forget to come to the Grand Round-up

Susan said...

Rahin, these cookies have that melt-in-your-mouth luxury you get with lots of butter and ground nuts.
In fact, I am so sure my in-laws and other guests will adore them, that I am bookmarking this post for my Xmas cookie collection.

rahin said...

hi anupama ....i am glad u liked the cookies....i did get ur email...will definetely keep chkin on u :)

hey susan ....you are right...these cookies literally melt in your mouth ...thank u for making it a part of ur Xmas cookie collection ....tht was very sweet of you ...gimme an update later ....wont you ?

Asha said...

Gorgeous looking cookies Rahin, I will try! Thanks:)

sra said...

Rahin, thank you for visiting my blog, it gave me the opportunity to discover yours, I'm so glad I found it.

Mansi Desai said...

Hi rahin,

I enjoyed your cookies at Anupama's event...I love walnut and this looks like a perfect way to savour it!!

good job!


zlamushka said...

Hi Rahin,

thanx a lot for visiting my blog. You have one noce one yourself. I really like the cookies, cause they remind me of our Slovak traditional ones (exactly the same dough). They, ehough are shaped in ´C´letter. We call them ´vanilla buns´. Since I was at my sister´s wedding on Saturday, we stil have some left. I just ate one :-)

Hope to hear from you soon

Rachna said...

hey these look really nice..will def try..will make for my mum, she loves walnut

rahin said...

hey Asha, welcome back ,how was ur trip?

Sra, Zlamushka....thank u gals...i enjoyed discovering ur blogs too n will keep frequenting them

Thank you Mansi ...i loved ur recipes at Anupamas round up too ...very gud looking ones

Rachna, Thank you n I hope you n ur mom enjoy making and munching these cookies....keep me posted
have fun

TBC said...

Yoour cookies look very nice. Very simple to make too.

Rahin said...

thank you tbc !

Jeena said...

Hey Rahin I love this recipe! Can you use any other nuts for this recipe? Also what is 2 sticks of butter in grams or ounces ? I am in UK so i'm not sure what '2 sticks' is.....Lovely pictures I think this recipe is great. :)

rahin said...

hi Jeena, I am sorry, i will consider tht hence forth :)

2 sticks will be 8 oz. of butter or 1 cup

Abt using nuts other than walnuts, well i think cashews shud be fine, i have never tried using them though.....but i would HIGHLY recommend using walnuts, just to enjoy the recipe to the fullest ....n may be next time u can experiment with other nuts ...

do lemme know how u like them , i wud luv to hear from u again :)

Purnima said...

Hi..I made these cookies..though they were very tasty, they didn't hv the finishing quite like urs..just a few questions, can u let me know hw the texture of walnut powder was..mine was having bit of wetness in it..not completely dry + grainy wasn't getting ground finely!..it was also difficult to flip them..I tried these cookies as both my kids love cookies..also since it doesn't hv eggs or baking powder,I found them very convinient to put together as batter..pls help wt ur suggestions!I wd try it again only to obtain the look like yours.

rahin said...

hey Purnima, thanks for trying these cookies n giving me the feedback :) You are right since it uses no egg , this recipe is very quick n easy kind

Its not necessary to ground the walnuts into fine pdr, a semolina/rawa like texture should also be fine, u know how when we make peanut pdr, some of it turns into pdr n some bits remain .....just like tht it shud be ok .......n since walnut have oil in them ....they will be slightly wet n not completely dry .....so tht shud be fine too

I think u shud try beating the (1 cup) butter n sugar well coz they will bind the flour mixture n use every bit of it scrapping the bowl etc

Secondly , after scooping out the batter , roll each cookie with gentle pressure , the way we make balls for roti or shami kababs, n press to flatten.

I hope this shud be fine

I would love to know if u have any other doubts/ questions , u can also email me , my id is in my profile page

Gud luck to you n do lemme know how they turn out ...BTW i have blogrolled u

Purnima said...

Rahin, tks for resolving my doubts.I hv to admit here one thing that went wrong might me butter..I mv'd it to bring to a room temp, it melted and I still went ahead..sorry abt that..I wd surely try again only for the looks of it..tastewise I am too happy with the results(my hubby and kids are finishing it off at a faster rate and I have to stop them from finishing it off!):D

rahin said...

yaaaaa....c....no plz dont microwave the butter for any recipe, unless u want melted butter :D just leave it out of the refrigerator for few hrs :D u know wht, the texture of the cookies will also change

Purnima said...

Rahin,tks for detailed instructions..i loved the 'Kabab' part of it!! I made these yest..they came out well! Tks for your time and energy ...got 18 pcs frm half the recipe. Shall blog about it when time (read kids) permit!! :D

Sunshinemom said...

This looks delicious too, and so easy!

kavita Naik/Parxencar said...

Hi Rahin,
Yesterday I baked d walnut cookies, they where a hit even though it was my first time in baking cookies, the taste is awesome ,lol these cookies definately make be gain- coz I can't resist eating them n will surely make more!they just melt in d mouth-thank you very much for such a gr8 recipe ,looking forward to make the coconut jam cookies.

Rahin said...

Purnima and Kavita , I am sooo glad you liked the cookies, appreciate your feedback.

Thanks Sunshine mom